Friday, October 19, 2012

Getting Into the Spirit

It's a been a while. In fact, it's been long enough that the title above could refer to any number of things. It could be able the SF Giants' improbable run through the NLDS...

In fact, here's Smunch at Game 2 of the NLDS...where the Giants lost 9-0. To say he was disappointed is an understatment, but he also wasn't crushed, and neither was his team. They lost two games at home, then went on to sweep the Reds in Cincinnati and win the series.

That prompted a very rare NLCS-related event in my house...the spirited self-manicure.

The Giants are currently down 3-1 in the NLCS. Barry Zito is pitching tonight. It's not lookin' so good.

People who don't know me always think my October fingernails are about my Halloween spirit. Admittedly, a group of folks at school have really gotten into that this much so that my house has been decorated multiple times a night for the past week.

But that's really not what I'm about to write about at all. This was more of a red-white-and-blue event than an orange-and-black one. See, it's also election season. And while I was an avid Obama supporter four years ago and I still support him now, I'm not a hugely political person. Still, when my friend T invited me to a concert in The City, I was inclined to go. This was a big deal.

There were lots of bubbles.
Lots of protesters.
LOTS of people.
And a lonely little guy on a rooftop with binoculars. He must be sad. Don't you think? All dressed in black like that?
There was plenty of rah-rah too. Honestly. When I'm faced with too much politics and I'm feeling particularly jaded, I can't help but agree with these two.
I'm sure I shouldn't find them funny, but I do. They, however, don't look like they find anything funny.

We spent a lot of time standing around, but it was a fun evening! We collected our tickets at will call, waited in a line for a couple of hours and finally got in to the auditorium, where we found we had standing spots on the floor. Nice and close to the stage, but no seats.

Everything mercifully started right on time, with a funny speech by Alex Smith, quarterback of the 49ers. It was a great little speech. I wondered who wrote his stuff. He was followed by tight end Vernon Davis who was far less comfortable up there and less entertaining. Then we had a fun little performance from Michael Franti and Spearhead. He came all the way out into the audience, only feet away.
There were more speeches - San Francisco Mayor, Ed Lee and California Attorney General, Kamala Harris. There was a performance by John Legend...
which was, perhaps, a little mellow for the packed house.

And finally, right on time, we reached the main event.

And this is why I came. It doesn't really matter what you think of this particular man. It's kinda cool to be so close to a sitting president. He spoke well...which was more than I could say for his televised debate a few days earlier. He was funny and responsive to the crowd.
It was oddly a lot like watching President Obama on TV though.

Still, it's something I can say I've done. And it was a great evening out with a couple of old and good friends.

And, now, back to working out just how to get into that Halloween spirit. I accepted an invitation to a Halloween party. I don't know why I didn't realize that would require me to have a costume. Ergh. Fortunately, I had a little creative moment yesterday and managed to make one myself...

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Barrett, Melinda, & Angel Trinity Adams said...

cute nails, cute costume too! Looks like you had fun at the convention...I'm not an obama fan at all, but I'm also not a fan of politics in general. You're seriously so cute in that costume