Monday, September 24, 2012

Giant Worship

On Saturday, the San Francisco Giants clinched their second National League West title in three years. We had tickets for the game on Sunday. So while I was thrilled to see them win a title from my family room and I let the kids stay up to watch it happen, it made for a bummer of a game at AT&T Park the next day.

The weather was lovely. The park was sold out. It was fan appreciation day...and Bochy gave all the regular players the day off. They probably would have swept the Padres, but not even putting the "big guys" in during the final two innings could save this game. I guess all of them were probably pretty hungover anyway.

So, maybe it was a good thing that right after the game, we headed to the card shop where Smunch met Ryan Vogelsong a week or so ago so he could meet center fielder, Angel Pagan, and super cool relief pitcher, Jeremy Affeldt, as well.

I'm sure Pagan is a nice guy. He's certainly a good looking dude.

But he must've got a phone call shortly before Smunch got to the front of the line. He was on his phone the whole time. Not really the impression you want to make.
Jeremy Affeldt was a lot more fun, even if Mam failed to be properly impressed.
Smunch was tongue-tied with hero worship...and very pleased with another autograph.
And just because Smunch isn't spoiled enough, his dad took him back to the card shop today to meet super clutch-hitting second baseman,Marco Scutaro, which was apparently a very cool experience.
Gotta love the guys who aren't afraid to have a kid actually stand next to them for a picture!

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