Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Player

I admit that I asked for this photo. I virtually begged to take this photo.

See, starting in 4th grade, I was a band girl. I played the flute. I was never particularly gifted or talented or even motivated. Frankly, I was never very good at it. But I loved it because it provided me with an instant social circle and a sense of belonging that I wouldn't otherwise have had.

Nowadays, at least in our school district, kids don't get to pick an instrument until 5th grade. That means it was Smunch's turn. Late last Spring, the 4th graders got to try out all the instruments to see which one they might like. I couldn't have been more surprised when Smunch came home and said he thought he might like to try the cello.

The cello?

There's no precedent in my family for playing the cello. I played flute, my sister played clarinet, my dad played piano and flute. My mom played the radio, sometimes. I'm not aware of anyone on the other side of Smunch's family having a musical bone in their body. But cello? My baseball kid wants to learn how to play the cello? O.K. I've always liked the cello. Strings just weren't an option when I was in elementary school.

Over the summer and as recently as last week, he waffled a little on the cello. He thought maybe he'd forgo instrumental music altogether and join the chorus. I felt like he was about to chicken out, but he didn't. On Friday, he announced that he was officially going to play the cello.

So, last weekend, I called around and secured my little boy his very first 1/2-sized cello. I'm so thrilled and so proud of him for sticking to his guns on this one. I don't really care if he sticks with it long term. I'm just thrilled that he already loves it...even though he can't play a thing!

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Mona said...

We just got our 4th grade recorder..."Hot Cross Buns" for 10 minutes a day for the last 4 days...