Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Ball

Naturally, life did not stop at home just because I went to Wyoming. Soon after I got back, Mam finished up her competitive softball season.

As the very youngest player on the team, she improved markedly and by the last tournament, she had become the team's leadoff hitter.
She was fielding balls cleanly from time to time and making good throws to first base for outs.
Well, mostly cleanly, anyway.
I don't think she ever caught a fly ball in a tournament. She didn't have the opportunity. Like her brother, she now plays second base and outfield. But she could have caught one, if she'd had the chance.
I'm a little worried that next year's rec (recreational) ball season is going to be tragically boring for her.
During my absence, Smunch also had evaluations for his travel team, the Blues. The team still doesn't have enough players to field a team for tournaments, but reports were that he acquitted himself rather well, despite the heat.
(photos in this post courtesy of Scott Ryder)

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