Saturday, June 30, 2012

First Day of Summer

I could have called this post "Last Day of School". Considering that school got out at 11:15 on the last day, it kind of made it the first day of summer as well. We didn't have any plans, so I somehow talked the kids into going back to Sunol Regional Wilderness with me to see what its "Little Yosemite" area is all about. It sounded like there would be water and I used that as a lure since saying "hiking" doesn't really get the kids excited these days.
I tried to choose a short loop for a hike, but I didn't know just how uphill it went. I also didn't realize that I'd left the water home. So, not a well-prepared Mommy on this trip. The kids did O.K. They were pretty game. They enjoyed looking at the scenery and the flowers. Mam was particularly enamored with the many blooming butterfly mariposa lillies.
I've always thought these were cool too.

We spotted a golden eagle, saw some fluffy little baby turkeys and got dusty and hot before getting to our destination, but I think the kids found the whole thing worthwhile as soon as their feet hit the water.
I don't know that Little Yosemite is aptly named, exactly. We've been to Yosmite, after all, it didn't exactly measure up, despite its quaint little waterfalls.
But the kids didn't couldn't have cared less. I let them play in the water as long as I thought I could get away with it. After all, there is dinner and bedtime, even during the summer!

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mommieN. said...

Ok, that's tops on my destination list now, especially with a waterfall involved! I'm even prepared to put up with the requisite whining along the way! Awesome.