Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween 2011

No, it's not all about the crazy pumpkins I carve. All-in-all, I sometimes find the traditional ones more charming anyway. And really, the only things at our house more charming than the rest of the family's pumpkins were this creepy vampiress and her scurvy pirate pal.I didn't bother to take any pictures at the school Halloween parade. The kids never quite manage to get their costumes on quite right and I'd been told (errantly, it turns out) that makeup was not allowed at school. It made everything that much more fun to put together on Halloween night. The kids had no idea what I was about to turn them into.And maybe that's just as well because I don't think Mam really understood the purported demeanor of vampiresses.And although pirates are generally surly, Smunch was particularly surly on Halloween night. He didn't want to pose for pictures and he made that very clear. In fact, it was not at all clear that he'd be going trick or treating with his rotten behavior.Say what?But, of course, they both got to go after gamely posing for pictures in front of the house I'd painstakingly decorated just hours earlier.I'm not sure why I bother with this. On holidays like Halloween, our quiet little cul-de-sac is kind of a bummer. A whole bunch of effort and almost no one gets to see it. I took it all down today. Harumpf.

The kids had a grand time trick-or-treating while I took the guinea pig to the vet. They came home with WAY too much candy, much of which was donated at school to be sent to the troops overseas. Yes, I'm that mean.

I wonder what it looks like by the time it gets out to the desert. That's an awful lot of chocolate to melt along the way!

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