Friday, December 31, 2010

Holiday Haze

I routinely bite off more than I can chew, but when the holidays roll around, I'm compelled to take things on in a way that might be the equivalent of trying to shove an entire cow in my mouth. I do this by choice, although I always feel like I "have to". I send Christmas/holiday cards, I write a yearly letter to go with those, I make chocolates for all the kids' teachers and speech therapists, I make cookies for all the neighbors and a few lucky friends. And this year, like last year, I hosted a cookie exchange. Only this time it was a fundraiser for the school in addition to being a social event. But that meant I felt compelled to have the house decorated Thanksgiving weekend for the cookie exchange a week later.

It was a lovely little cookie party and the cookies themselves were delicious. I love to look at the photos because all those cookies in one place are just awesome. And I've been led to believe that just looking can't add inches to my hips.I nearly forgot to take the kids to see Santa this year. Hopefully, they wouldn't have let me do that, but you never know. Smunch's faith in the big red man is sketchy at best, so he might not have bothered. And honestly, they didn't want much. They both asked for BIG Nerf guns. Not like the little puny Nerf guns he supplied last year. I hope my sincere (oh, so sincere) lack of enthusiasm for said items made their arrival on Christmas proof positive of Santa's powers.I don't know how I manage to have more friends and neighbors than I have cookies. There were several people I would have loved to give cookies to this year, but they missed out because...I just ran out! And by the time they were finally delivered, on Christmas eve, I was pretty much fried on cookie making and needed to get started on other things like Christmas eve dinner and Christmas brunch. So, there was that. But the cookies that were, this year, they were lovely and fun. I wish the kids had helped more, but it seems more authentic than a bunch of prettily decorated cookies, doesn't it?

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