Thursday, November 4, 2010


I was pretty jazzed after our World Series experience and I had a hard time going to sleep that night, but that didn't mean I wasn't expected at school bright and early the next morning...not just dropping the kids off, but leading an entire group of third graders in reading. And I hadn't done my homework beforehand...because Smunch hadn't done his the night before. Fortunately he had earned a "Ready Freddy" award that week. It allows him to skip a night of homework. I don't get Ready Freddy awards.

Thursday afternoon, I was slated to go in and help the first graders and their fouth grade buddies carve pumpkins. It was cute and Mam enjoyed herself a lot, despite her not-so-helpful buddy.I was back again on Friday morning, helping the third graders with "pumpkin math". I couldn't believe the group of kids Smunch's teacher gave me. I had Smunch, but the other three...all boys...are some of the least motivated goofballs around. It was challenging, but ultimately, it was fun...estimating weight and size, guessing how many seeds were inside, seeing if it would float.Naturally, Friday afternoon was the big Halloween shindig. I got both kids into their costumes, then helped set up the third grade party. I watched the school-wide Halooween parade, but didn't take any decent pictures. I don't love the kids' costumes this year and Mam's wig was sitting on the side of her head. Both costumes really required makeup, but no time to do that at school. They looked ridiculous. Really.

I made my now-famous cheese bugs for the first grade party (third graders were limited to apple juice and sugar cookies)Of course, the first grade parties always have the cutest stuff!Thankfully, there was no baseball on Friday, so we got a little break. Thursday evening, Matt Cain threw a 9-0 shutout in the Giants victory. Giants were up 2-0 and headed to Arlington, TX.

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