Thursday, August 6, 2009

Florida Grand Finale

I don't know how much it dawned on Smunch that this "family" vacation was designed largely around him. Disney World was about both kids, but we would never have gone there if it wasn't for the Friends convention. I certainly don't think Smunch appreciated our taking time to focus on him and his needs, not until the very last day of our vacation, at least.

On our last day, we said our fond farewells to the folks at Longboat Key and headed north to St. Petersburg. Why? Well because we had a not-so-fancy room booked at the Hampton Inn & Suites there. Why? It's not because St. Pete is a hip and happenin' kind of town. In fact, it was one of the most bizarre cities I think I've ever been to.

There were so few people out and about that Daddy joked it would be a great city in which to film a zombie flick. The people who were out on Friday night in St. Pete's, however, all seemed to have one thing in common. They were all there for the same reason we were...only they advertised it more boldly than we did. They were obviously natives who'd had time to buy the appropriate apparel.

I thought a series of photos would probably describe our night in St. Petersburg better than I could ever do. Starting with our drive in...

And at that moment, I imagine he knew. It was all about him.

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