Saturday, September 13, 2008

A rite of passage...aka Chop! Take 2

As a working (occasionally) from home mom, especially as one who is also a lousy housekeeper, I have few things to truly take pride in other than my kids. That means I try to have them look presentable...even when I know their teeth aren't brushed. Their clothes match and Mam's hair is generally out of her face most of the time when we're out in public.

Yesterday, she and Smunch were out front at Gram's house, deadheading the dahlias. This is a job Gram pays them for. A penny a dead flower. It's good work if you can get it. The kids took off with their kiddie scissors.

It's only been a couple of posts since I had Mam's hair chopped. Apparently, it wasn't a good enough hairdo for Mam. When I looked out the window a few minutes later, there stood Mam, hair in hand and scissors held at the ready...or more than ready, really. I loved her new haircut, so you know I jetted out the front door and stopped the chop from happening. But that wasn't the first chop. I missed the others. And now Mam was missing a big hunk of hair out of the side of her head and her bangs had been expanded an unacceptable distance around the side of her head.

You might not think this looks too bad, know, if you didn't know that her hair is all supposed to be the same length and that she's got enough hair that her ears never show through it. And then there's this little issue...See a problem here? Yeah. She only cut one side too. Today, I have her in pigtails again, so it doesn't show too badly, unless you're in a position to see both tails at once. Then it's very obvious that one has a heck of a lot more hair than the other.

When I was a little girl, probably not a lot older than Mam, I played hair stylist on one of my friends. Her mother was reportedly less than happy. I guess I should be happy that she did her own hair styling. I'm definitely glad she didn't take the sheers to her brother, who has school photos next week...although it would have been funny a long time from now, I'm sure. For now, I'm having a hard time refraining from telling my "sweet" little Mam just how ugly her hair looks. I'm that nice.


Calibelle said...

Ha! I feel for ya Momma. However...I think that Mam could ABSOLUTELY pull a chin length bob. I would go for it.


MommaWriter said...

Ah, yes. I agree, especially based on that second photo, but there's that little matter of the big chunk of hair cut up above her ear in the middle of her head. I think I'll just leave it as long as I can stand it and then head back to the hairdresser in hopes that a chin-length bob will look almost perfect by then.