Thursday, October 18, 2007

First Field Trip

Last week...or was it the week before? I'm really behind here. Anyway, Smunch got to go on his very first field trip without Mommy. The kindergarten class went to a local farm where they got to sample persimmons and mint plant, touch a sheep and pick out a pumpkin to take back to school with them for an as yet undisclosed project. Smunch had an awesome time and came back really excited. His favorite part?

If it hadn't been for everyone else getting off at the farm, I'm guessing he might have stayed on the bus the whole time...just because it was fun. And the seats were "so soft!" And yeah, I was surprised they didn't take a plain ol' school bus too.

Still, he had lots of exciting things to say about the farm too and he was very pleased with his pumpkin. Here he is with his group from the trip, his classmates, Reilly and Carter, who are twins and no bigger than my little guy. I'm always thankful for just how many children of smaller stature (is that the PC term?) are in his class. He fits right in!

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